Freescale MAC7100 automotive ARM7TDMI-based microcontrollers

The Freescale MAC7100 family of microcontrollers (MCUs) is a family of 32-bit Flash memory-based devices developed specifically for embedded automotive applications. It addresses the growing demand for cost-effective 32-bit performance enhancements as traditional body, chassis and safety application exceed the performance scope of many 16-bit offerings.

All MAC7100 Family members are composed of a 32-bit central processing unit (the ARM7TDMI-S™ core), up to 512 KB of embedded Flash EEPROM for program storage, up to 32 KB of embedded Flash for data and/or program storage, and up to 32 KB of RAM. The MAC7100 Family members are the first 32-bit MCUs from Freescale based on the ARM7™ core available to the automotive market. This family implements many features from the MPC5500 Family with which our automotive customers are already familiar.

The MAC7100 Family allows 3.3V to 5V operation compatibility for existing peripheral devices (sensors), commonly used in many body applications today and expected in future 3.3V applications.

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